Creating a quiz using the GIFT template

Having auto-graded assessments is one of the main features of CerebroLMS, and for bulk importing of test items, the use of a General Import Format Template (GIFT) could be of great help.

After downloading the GIFT file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file using your spreadsheet software (i.e. Microsoft Excel), and go to the Multiple Choice 4 Answer Input sheet.
  2. Provide a Category name on Cell B2. (This will be very useful in locating your test items from the question bank.)
  3. Fill-in the Question Title, Question, Correct Answer, and at least one Incorrect Answer starting from Row 3 onwards. It is strongly suggested that you avoid special characters (i.e.  / : [ ] { } = ~ # %) as these could affect the template's formulae. We also suggest that you type the questions directly on the cells instead of copying and pasting it from another file to the template since codes from hidden formatting might also be imported.
  4. After filling up all the questions, go to the 4 Answer Output sheet, and copy the cells from A1 up to the last item that you have.
  5. Open Notepad on your computer, and paste the copied text to that file.
  6. Save the file from Notepad.
  7. Go to your Course Page and click the Course Management icon from the top navigation bar.
  8. Under Question Bank, click Import.
  9. For the File Format, select GIFT format, then select the Notepad file that you have recently created, then click Import.
  10. On the following page where you will see all the questions you have imported, click Continue.
  11. Go back to your Course Page and click the Turn Edit On button.
  12. Click Add an Activity/Resource and select Quiz.
  13. Fill-in all the necessary details, and select Save and Display.
  14. On the next page, click Edit Quiz, then look for the button to add a question, then select the option that will allow you to add items from the question bank.
  15. Select the appropriate Category Name then tick the questions that you would like to add, and click Add selected questions to the quiz.
  16. Edit the Maximum Grade on the upper right portion of the screen, and click Save.

That's it. Your quiz will be automatically graded, and the results will be instantly available on your online gradebook.