Linking parents' accounts to students' accounts

CerebroLMS features a monitoring tool that allows parents to see the individual academic performance of their children. With this, the parents are able to:

  • Edit their child's profile
  • See their child's currently enrolled courses
  • View their child's grades in each subject
  • Read their child's forum posts and discussions
  • Check their child's first and last login times

To enable this feature, the LMS Coordinator must link the accounts of the parent and the student through the following steps:

Click the Site Administration icon from the top navigation bar.

Select the Users tab, and click Browse list of users.

Search for the student's account, and click the desired name from the search results.

On the student's profile page, click Preferences.

On the preferences page, click Assign roles relative to this user.

On the next page, click on the Parent role.

On the Assign Role page, search for the parent's account from the right column, then click Add to link it to the student's account.

The parent will now see the linked student's account upon logging in to the dashboard.