Creating an automatically-graded quiz

Having auto-graded assessments is one of the main features of CerebroLMS, and this can only be done for examinations with definite answers such as those with multiple choice or true or false types of questions.

To create a quiz, go to your course page and enable editing by clicking the green Turn Edit On button.

Choose the topic group where you would like to create the quiz and click the Add an Activity or Resource link below that topic group.

Select Quiz from the list of activities and click Add.

Type a Name for your quiz and choose your appropriate settings for the different options available on the page. When you are done with the settings, click Save and Display.

Click on Edit Quiz to begin adding questions.

Click on Add and select A New Question.

Choose the appropriate question type and click on Add.

Type a Question Name and the Question Text.

Type the choices on the Answers group on the lower portion of the page. Make sure to set the grade of the correct answer to 100% so the system will give a point to those who will select that answer.

When you are done, click Save Changes. You may add as many questions as needed.