Product Overview

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a virtual learning environment wherein teachers and students exchange information as if they are in a physical classroom, but through the use of digital technology.

Through an LMS, a school may offer either fully-online or blended courses.

In an LMS, a teacher may conduct online lessons, share videos, administer quizzes, and facilitate learning activities.

Advantages of using CerebroLMS

  • Over 1,000 learning modules are available on CerebroLMS, removing from teachers the burden of preparing class presentations every single day.
  • Teachers are able to save up to 400 hours of preparation time per year through CerebroLMS which they could reallocate for themselves and their families.
  • Schools utilizing CerebroLMS report a significant increase in students’ academic performance because of the close supervision provided by teachers during in-class activities.

How does CerebroLMS work?

  • Students go over their learning materials on CerebroLMS using their devices at home
  • Students do learning activities in school under the supervision of the teacher
  • Students feel accountable for their learning and get higher grades because of close supervision