Accessing admin reports

School administrators have access to several reports regarding their school's learning management system (LMS) usage.

To view site-wide reports, admin users must click the SITE ADMINISTRATION icon on the top navigation bar (between the CerebroLMS text and the My Classes dropdown menu).

From the Site Administration Page, click the REPORTS tab, and from there, the following reports will be available:

  • Course Overview - Reports of the most active courses or the most participatory courses over a certain time period
  • Logs - Activity reports for course or site
  • Live Logs - Live logs from the past hour as a table
  • Statistics - Show how many hits there have been on various parts of your site during various time frames

The following course reports may also be accessed by going to the individual course pages, then clicking COURSE ADMINISTRATION (gear icon) on the top navigation bar:

  • Activity Completion
  • Course Completion
  • Logs
  • Live Logs
  • Course Participation
  • Activity Report

At the individual user's level, the following reports may also be seen on their profile pages:

  • Today's logs
  • All logs
  • Outline report
  • Complete report
  • Statistics
  • Grades overview