Using the parent's account

CerebroLMS features a monitoring tool that allows parents to see the individual academic performance of their children. With this, the parents are able to edit their child's profile, see their child's currently enrolled courses, view their child's grades in each subject, read their child's forum posts and discussions, and check their child's first and last login times.

To do this, parents must acquire their own username and password from the school. Take note that this is different from their child's login credentials, but is linked to the student's account.

Upon successfully logging-in to the school's LMS platform, the parent will see his/her child's name on the My Children block (sometimes called New Mentees Block in older installations) which is usually located on the right portion of the screen when using the desktop version.

Upon clicking on the student's name, the parent will now have access to a page where he/she will see the list of subjects that his/her child is currently enrolled in.

To view the grades of the student for a specific subject, click on the title of the desired subject, and choose between the two available options:

- Grade Overview - Displays the average grades of the student in the different subject areas

- Grades - Displays the gradebook items of the student for a particular subject


If the parent has several children from the same school, it is possible to have all of these students linked to one parent's account. Please coordinate with your school's LMS coordinator to do this.

It is also suggested that the parent update his/her profile and provide his/her first name, last name, and correct e-mail address so he/she could better represent his/her identity when communicating with people from the school using the LMS's messaging feature. Read more about this here: