Logging into the system

Before you can access anything in the system, you will need to log-in using the credentials given to you by the school. You may request for your username and password from your school's LMS Coordinator.

If it is your first time logging in, you may see a prompt to change the default password with a password of your choice so you will able to remember it easily.

After changing your password, it is strongly suggested that you also update your profile so that others may recognize you and that you may also receive notifications on your correct e-mail address. You may do this by clicking your name on the top-right portion of the page and selecting Profile from the dropdown menu.

Upon reaching your Profile page, click on the Edit Profile link at the center of the screen.

After the Edit Profile page has loaded, you may now make the necessary edits, especially for the three fields marked with red. You must also take note that if you will be needing to use the automated Forgot Password facility of the LMS, you must have updated your e-mail address.