Accessing the dashboard

The dashboard is the first page you will see after successfully logging-in to the LMS. It is from this page that you will be able to:

  • enroll in your new courses;
  • access your existing classes; and
  • see your upcoming deadlines; 

Enrolling in a new course

If you are enrolling in a new course, you must have received a QR or an enrollment code from your teacher.

  • If you have received a QR code, click the Scan icon at the left side of the textbox to activate your device's camera which you can use to scan the code.
  • If you have received a text code, type it in the Enrollment Code textbox then click Enroll.

Both ways will lead you to the course page of your new class.

Accessing existing courses

There are four places in the dashboard where you can access your existing courses:

  • At the topmost navigation bar, via the My Classes dropdown menu;
  • Below the enrollment code textbox, by clicking the My Classes button;
  • By manual searching after having clicked the All Courses button; and
  • By scrolling down the page and choosing from the Recently Accessed Courses and the Course Overview sections.