Creating interactive HTML 5 Packages - H5P

HTML 5 Packages (H5P) allows teachers to:

  • create richer HTML5 content in existing publishing platforms;
  • share content seamlessly across any H5P-capable site;
  • reuse and modify content in your browser at any time without the need to download the file and edit it using its proprietary software.

To create an H5P content for your classes, open your course page, and enable editing by clicking the green-colored Turn Edit On button.

When the edit mode has been enabled, click the Add an Activity or Resource button which can be found at the end of every section.

Select Interactive Content from the pop-up box, and click Add. Once the Interactive Content setup page has loaded, you may provide a description and proceed with the editor.

A tutorial on how to work with the editor for each content type is available for every item. 

If you want to see an example of how to create an H5P activity, watch this video: