Working with the ready-made content

Having ready-made content is actually the best feature of CerebroLMS when compared to other LMS products available in the market since teachers will not have to worry about preparing instructional modules anymore since we have provided these to them in advance.

These contents can be accessed on the different course pages of the subscribed subjects. If you are unsure of whether your subject has been subscribed or not, you may look for visual cues, or you may just ask your LMS Coordinator.

The following are the visual cues to determine a subscribed subject with ready-made contents:

  • A blue-colored title card showing the level and current subject appears above the course contents;
  • A course description is already shown even without you (as a teacher) providing it; and
  • Module titles are already seen below upon scrolling down and are sorted according to their respective grading periods.

Accessing a module with ready-made content

To access a module with ready-made content, you only need to choose a topic from among the different grading periods, click on the selected topic, and the module will load on your screen.

You may click on the Prev and Next buttons to navigate among the slides of the module. If you want to return to the course page, just click your browser's Back button beside the address bar.

If you would like to hide a particular topic with ready-made content, you need to enable editing by clicking on the green-colored Turn Edit On icon on the top navigation bar. When the edit mode has been enabled, you may click the Edit button adjacent to the topic you wish to hide, and select Hide from the dropdown menu.

To show a hidden topic again, click the same Edit button, and select Show from the dropdown menu.

If you want to modify the sorting of the modules, click on the crossed arrow icon of the left side of the topic, and drag it to the desired location.