Adding/Deleting an activity or resource

If you would like to add any activity or resource, you need to enable editing by clicking on the green-colored Turn Edit On icon on the top navigation bar. 

Once editing has been enabled, you will now see an Add an Activity or Resource button at the end of every section. Click this button, and a pop-up box with different types of activities you may create will appear.

Choose from the list the appropriate activity or resource that you want to create by clicking on the radio button beside it, and click the Add button.

After clicking Add, a page where you can specify the details of the activity or resource will appear.

Once you have finished supplying the necessary details, scroll to the bottom and click either Save and Return to Course to return to the course page or Save and Display to view the activity or resource that you have just created.

Deleting an activity or resource

To delete any activity or resource, make sure that the edit mode is enabled, and look for the item that you would like to remove. Click on the Edit button adjacent to it, and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

A prompt confirming your decision to delete the activity or resource may appear, and you will have to select either Yes or No.